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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club (LHVC) has created a one-of-a-kind V.I.P membership, where exclusive facilities and services are offered only to members.  This includes access to a variety of restaurants, bars, swimming pools, lounges, beach areas, and specialized V.I.P transportation services such as golf cart, limousines, helicopter transfers, and more.  ResorToLuxury is a Platinum Supreme Shareholder, which is one of the highest level of ownership that the resort offers to its members. As our guest you will have access to the many VIP amenities, benefits and excellent services that the resort offers.
about_the_resort_collageThese unique accommodations, accompanied by the spectacular V.I.P services, are so popular that the company has continued to expand rapidly each year to meet the growing demand.  Today we are offering accommodations at the luxury resorts in Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Cofresi and Cancun.

Get to know the LHVC Resort

  • How does the booking process work?
  • First you will choose from the list of available accommodations. LHVC Resort has a mandatory all inclusive daily fee per person which is separate from our room rates. Children 3 -11 years pay half price off the daily all-inclusive fee. Once you book through our Reservations Form, we will email the resort to confirm availability. Once the resort confirms availability, we will send you an invoice for the accommodation. You can then pay securely by credit card or PayPal, whichever is convenient for you. Check our Rates page for the room fees required.
  • Are day care services available for infants at the resort?
  • If you’re traveling with infants, the resort staff will arrange for a crib and high chair for free.  The resort also offers day care services, which can be arranged at any time while at the resort. There are additional fees for this service.
  • How much is the airport transportation fee to the resort.
  • As our guest, transportation to and from the Puerto Plata airport will be provided at NO additional fee. Provide us with your flight information at least 5 days before your arrival and we will arrange your ‘free’ pickup by the resort.
  • Can I fly into any other airports to the resort?
  • Yes, you certainly can. Many customers fly into Santiago as they tend to find cheaper flights here. We can arrange secure airport transportation for you, however you will need to pay approximately $100.00 USD each way for a group of 5 persons.
  • Is there Internet service available?
  • Absolutely.  Most of the Villas have Internet access, but please note that there is a fee associated with this service. Internet access is available at no charge at VIP World, VIP Tower, VIP Beach, NV Beach and most VIP areas. There are also free computers for your use at Villa Reception area as well.
  • Should I book my travel in advance?
  • We recommend you do NOT book airline reservations until you have received our confirmation email from the resort
  • Are there any taxes applied to the accommodations?
  • No taxes charged for accommodation and no other hidden fees.
  • What is the cost for the VIP restaurants?
  • There is no additional fee for the gourmet restaurants. These are included with your all-Inclusive.
  • Which Crown Villa will I receive?
  • Unfortunately it will depend as the resort only assigns Crown Villas about 1-2 days prior to travel.  However, as Platinum Supreme Plus Shareholders we have priority over most other members so we do seek the best Villas for our esteemed guests. All Villas are absolutely fantastic, you won’t be dissapointed.
  • Can I reserve booking at any of the VIP Restaurants?
  • No. There are a few VIP restaurants such as Azul that are only available to Shareholders. However as our guests, you will have access to a plethora of great restaurants such as Jazz and Intimates.
  • How often can we dine at the VIP restaurants?
  • It really depends on the restaurant availability and how busy the resort is at that time.  As Shareholders, we don’t have any restrictions with our membership, however the resort does attempt to ensure balance so that that fellow members and guests are able to make reservations at their favorite restaurants.
  • Will I get a golf cart for travel throughout the resort?
  • As Platinum Supreme Plus Shareholders, we can absolutely ensure you have a golf cart for the duration of your stay when you book a Crown Villa from us. There is no fee associated with this rental.  You will not get a golf cart in any other accommodations.
  • Is the beach close to the resort?
  • Absolutely.  All of the LHVC resorts are located on or within walking distance to the beach areas.
  • What is Is your refund policy?
  • Unfortunately, there is no refund for cancellation after registration deadline and/or for early departures. There are also no refunds or substitution of names for airline tickets purchased through our Vacation Packages.  We do understand that sometimes the best made vacation plans do change.  If you are unable to meet your reserved dates and notify us 60 days in advance we will do our best to reschedule your reservations. We do charge $100.00 for any changes to booked reservations.   If we can not provide you with the dates you request (non holiday) then we will issue you a refund of 50% of your total reservation cost.
  • Is a ResortoLuxury Vacation Package For Me?
  • Our Vacation Packages are inclusive of accommodation, first rate all-inclusive amenities, transfers to and from airport/resort, excursions and so much more.  We can certainly explore modified packages to meet your every need.
  • Are there any laundry facilities within the Villa?
  • No. There are not any located inside of your accommodations, however the resort does offer laundry service and there are laundry facilities located within the resort. There are extra charges for these services.
  • Does the Villa have a Safe for my valuables?
  • Yes each accommodation has a safe that you can rent from the check-in desk. Cost is $3.00 USD per day.
  • Does the resort accept credit cards as payment?
  • Yes. The resort accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) for all-inclusive as well as other activities.
  • Is it true that that breakfast is available daily in the Villa?
  • Yes, very true. You will automatically have a chef prepare breakfast for you daily at the villa.  There is NO CHARGE for this service. The breakfast includes eggs, fruit, juices, meats, cheeses and breads.
  • What is the Check-In and Check-Out time for the resort?
  • The Check-In time is 3:00pm and the Check-Out Time is 11:00am. If you arrive before 3:00pm, just sit back-relax and have a drink or two while the resort prepares your room for you.
  • Is there a main phone number for the resort?
  • The main phone number to the resort is (809) 970-7777.
  • Is it true that LHVC Staff approach you often for tours?
  • You may be approached by a staff member asking you if you would like a “Tour” of the resort and this is the “Sales Pitch”.  So if you have no desire for the tour or “Sales Pitch” then politely tell them “no”.
  • What is the process to get to the resort from the airport?
  • Most guest choose to fly into (POP) Puerto Plata International Airport. It is about a 30 min drive to the resort. Transportation is provided to you free of charge to and from Puerto Plata International airport when booked through us. A LHVC shuttle van will be awaiting you at the airport. Once you have passed through the Customs and Immigration Area (don’t forget to buy your Tourist Card), you will enter the Luggage Pickup Area. Secure your luggage and proceed outside the terminal building. Look for a Lifestyle transportation host, he or she will have a “Name Sign” with our name “ResorToLuxury” and your family name on it. You will then be taken directly to the resort. Please let the driver know that you need VIP check-in. At the end of your vacation you will also be taken back to the airport at no charge. Once you’re settled in and feel like exploring the resort, shuttle service is available at no cost to you throughout the resort, Ocean World as well as Ocean World Casino. Do contact the LHVC VIP Services team 2 days before your departure and give them your return flight info so they can make the necessary arrangements for your return to the airport. If you’re interested in booking any tours during your vacation, transportation is also provided to you.
  • Is the water safe to drink in the DR?
  • No. The water is not safe to drink on the resort or anywhere on the island. You will be provided with plenty of safe bottled water at no charge. All the ice and water at the bars are from a water company and they are safe to drink.
  • What if I want to stay more or less than 1 week?
  • You sure can.  You can stay any number of days you want, we will simply adjust price to the daily rate.
  • Is there a medical clinic?
  • Yes there is a medical facility on the resort grounds, however they are independent from the resort. There may be extra fees for supplies or treatment, if needed.
  • Are beach towels available or do we need to bring them?
  • The resort supplies beach towels so leave yours at home. The maid will give you as many as you need. There is also beach towels located at VIP Beach for you to use.
  • How do I make dinner reservations?
  • Dinner reservations are made through the Reception area in which you are staying except for Gourmet Restaurants that are made through VIP services. When you are staying in the villas you will make all of your dinner reservations through the VIP associate that was assigned to you at check-in. We strongly recommend that you book your dinner reservations as soon as possible upon arrival. You can make your reservations for the entire length of your stay at one time. We are unable to arrange and/or make reservations for you prior to your arrival, so we cannot guarantee that you will get into each restaurant you want. It is based on availability during your stay, but there are so many to good ones to choose from when you book through us.
  • Is there a dress code for the restaurants? Is this enforced?
  • Yes. There is a dress code enforced for the following gourmet restaurants: Jazz , Gourmet, Moomtaz, Rodizio, El Pilon and Intimates. Gentlemen are required to wear long pants. For all open restaurants, dress code is casual.


Travel FAQ


Dominican Republic

  • What are the entry requirements for visiting the Dominican Republic?
  • This information can certainly change from time to time, but most people traveling to the Dominican Republic require a Passport along with either a Visa or Tourist Card.
  • Are there any fees I need to pay on arrival/departure?
  • There is a $10 USD Tourist Card fee that must be paid before entering the Dominican Republic.
  • Which Airport in the Dominican Republic should I fly into?
  • For most destinations on the South Coast of the Dominican Republic, fly into either the Santo Domingo Las Americas (SDQ) or La Romana Airport. For destinations on the North coast of the Dominican Republic, fly into Puerto Plata Airport (POP) or Santiago Airport (STI). For destinations on the west coast of the Dominican Republic, fly into Punta Cana (PUJ) Airport.

    about-resort_punta_cana_airport_mapAIRPORT LOCATIONS

    La Romana International Airport (LRM)
    Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)
    Las Américas (SDQ)
    Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)
    Samaná El Catey International Airport (AZS)
    Gregorio Luperón International Airport (POP)
    Cibao (Santiago) International Airport (STI)

  • When is hurricane season?
  • Officially the Caribbean hurricane season runs from the beginning of June to the end of November. Historically most tropical storm/hurricane activity in the Dominican Republic’s part of the Caribbean has taken place in the months of August and September.
  • What is the rate of exchange?
  • Dominican peso equals 0.023 US Dollars. Many of the hotels, restaurants and businesses indicate their prices in US dollars as well as in Dominican Pesos, and would actually prefer to be paid in US dollars. In some destinations, such as Las Terrenas and Las Galleras, the Euro is as accepted as the US dollar. Most of the larger country’s currencies can be exchanged in tourism destinations all over the Dominican Republic. In general, the best rates of exchange are offered by the banks and independent money exchanges. They usually only differ between a Peso or two per unit of foreign currency between them. Airports, hotels/resorts, restaurants, and other businesses tend to offer a slightly lower rate of exchange for the convenience they provide in exchanging your currency. There are currency converter apps which you can download from the App Store or Google Play Store which will come in handy as you travel abroad.
  • What is the time difference in the Dominican Republic?
  • The Dominican Republic is situated in the Atlantic Standard Time zone but does not follow Daylight Saving Time. This means the Dominican Republic is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the Fall/Winter (one hour ahead of New York and Toronto) and is the same as Eastern Standard Time in the Spring/Summer (same as New York or Toronto).
  • Can I rent a vehicle?
  • Yes, in most tourism destinations in the Dominican Republic there are a variety of vehicle rental agencies to choose from.
  • What kind of clothing should I bring?
  • Due to the Dominican Republic’s warm, tropical climate, not a lot if you’re visiting one of the coastal destinations! Lightweight material shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, bathing suits and sandals are the standard – certainly for during the day. Light pants and jackets are recommended for the evenings, or if you’ll be visiting the mountains, especially in the winter months where the temperatures can cool down at night. As the norm for vacation destinations, people tend to dress a little less casually to go out for dinner or to bars, clubs or casinos. Higher end resorts, restaurants and bars, may have a dress code with more specific requirements. Dominicans tend to dress more formally than Americans. If you are spending time in a larger city, it is recommended to have a nice set of clothing for going out in the evening. A light rain jacket (and/or umbrella) is useful to have in the event of rain showers. If you plan to participate in sporting or adventure activities, such as tennis or horseback riding, a pair of runners/sneakers will definitely be useful to have.
  • Is the Dominican Republic safe?
  • Yes, but as there can be dangerous areas in every town, city, and country in the world, it is the same for the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is a developing nation in many respects and many of its citizens are very poor. Poverty is the predominant cause of criminal activity everywhere in the world. The crime rate in the Dominican Republic is relatively low and criminal activity is generally petty theft. If you use common sense, you are unlikely to be a target of such crimes. This means putting valuables in room/hotel safes (when available), not leaving your things unattended, avoiding underpopulated areas (especially at night), and not wearing flashy articles, or carrying a lot of money at one time.


  • What are the entry requirements for visiting Mexico?
  • This information can certainly change from time to time, but most people traveling to the Mexico require a Passport along with either a Visa or Tourist Card. This depends on which country in which your visit originates. If you are from the U.S. or Canada, you will need your passport or notarized birth certificate with state issued ID. If you are from any other country, you will need to check with the Mexican Embassy or Consulate nearest you about entry requirements.
  • Are there any fees I need to pay on arrival/departure?
  • There is a $10 USD Tourist Card fee that must be paid before entering the Mexico.
  • Which Airport in the Mexico should I fly into?
  • Cancún International Airport is the second largest airport in Mexico and one of the busiest international airports in the region. It is the gateway to the popular Riviera Maya with its stretches of sandy beaches, numerous activities and historical attractions. Cancún International Airport guide includes detailed information on facilities, transport and accommodation in and around the airport.
  • What is the weather like?
  • March and December are usually the driest months. (Rainfall in March 47mm and in December 59mm). Daily average temperatures in Cancun range from 23.4°C to 29.3°C. Peak temperatures usually occur in June (average 29.3°C) and July (average 29.2°C).  Average temperatures decline in January to 23.4°C and in December to 24.4°C.
  • When is hurricane season?
  • Rainfall in Cancun varies over the course of the year from 47 mm to 174 mm per month.   On average most rain falls during the months of June (174mm) and October (171mm) – this is commonly known as “hurricane season.” Hurricanes do hit the Cancun area, so make sure to check the forecast ahead of time. This is does not, however, mean that a hurricane will hit during this time. March and December are usually the driest months. (Rainfall in March 47mm and in December 59mm).  Check the weather-map for 10-day forecast.
  • What is the rate of exchange?
  • Pesos are the Mexican currency and an average rate is anything between 18.5 – 19 pesos to the dollar or the pound (other currencies will vary). Some hotels do have facilities to change currencies, and there is also a bank which can change currency. Credit cards are accepted, but there has been some debate about “pre-paid” travellers’ money cards. As always, be vigilant to fraud with credit cards – anywhere you go. In particular pay attention that your charges are always correct on the bill and check to see if your CC number is not displayed in full, or that a service charge has already been added to your bill.
  • What is the time difference in the Mexico?
  • On Feb. 1, 2015 the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, which includes Cancun, and the popular cruise ports of Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, switched from Central Standard Time to Eastern Standard Time. The change comes after two years of government and tourism industry efforts. The change gives the beach resort an extra hour of daylight. In addition, the change aligns clocks in Cancun with many of the U.S. and Canadian cities as well as some of the Caribbean islands it competes with for tourism.
  • Can I rent a vehicle?
  • Yes, in most tourism destinations in Mexico there are a variety of vehicle rental agencies to choose from.
  • What kind of clothing should I bring?
  • Cancun is a casual place. You will probably spend most of your time on the beach anyway, thus swimming wear is a must. Shorts and T-shirts is the “dress code.” At night jeans, slacks, shirts and polo shirts are welcome in almost every place in Cancun. Only if you are planning on going to an exclusive restaurant then you may need a sport jacket and dress pants.  During the winter months you may want to bring a light jacket because it gets a little cold at night. Well cold in Cancun means anything below 75F.  Other items that you need to bring are hats, caps, sunglasses, sun tan lotion, sun protection and sandals. Rubber soled shoes are recommended if you are planning to visit archaeological sites.
  • Is Cancun safe?
  • Cancun is very safe for visitors, that’s why it has been one of the best sites to vacation for many years and continues to be, but here are some tips for your visit that you should consider everywhere you travel to:

      Scan your passport and photo id’s so in case you lose them you can access them easily.
      Always think twice while you are packing your valuable things, AVOID bringing expensive jewelry to Cancun since there is always envious people that want to steal your things.
      If there is a safe box in your hotel, always use it and keep all your valuable things there.
      Carry only the money that you need while you are walking.
      Avoid risky areas, do not go to the public beach in the night, it is not a really safe place. It is better to go to bars or if you prefer, you can stay in your hotel, it is surely the safest place.
      Lock up your accommodation when you leave it.
      Leave expensive jewelry at home.
      Don’t leave expensive cameras and computers lying around in plain sight unattended.
      When taking day trips to beaches and points of interest, take what you need with you and don’t leave expensive items in the vehicle in full view.
      Generally, take what you need on vacation and leave the rest at home.
      When going to any foreign country check with your insurance agent before your trip about coverage for losses while on vacation.
  • Emergency numbers in Cancun
    • Red Cross – (998) 884 1616
      Fire Department – (998) 884 1202
      Immigration Office – (998) 881 3560
      MasterCard (USA) – 001 880 247 4623
      Police (Highway) – (998) 884 1107
      Road Emergency – 078
      Visa (USA) – 001 410 581 9994
      Hospital Emergeny – 060

Puerto Plata


On the northern shore of the Dominican Republican stands the enchanting city of Puerto Plata. This well-kept secret is steeped in European and New World history dating back to 1502 when Nicolas de Ovando established a shipping base under the direction of Christopher Columbus.

Stroll past the magnificent Victorian gazebo in the Parque Independencia, and you can sense a time when Puerto Plata was a leading New World trading port and the Fortaleza de San Felipe protected the city from pirate attacks.

The history of this beautiful place is truly multi-cultural. Over 1,000 years ago Arawak Indians walked the amber beaches and hunted in the nearby mountains. Runaway slaves from the Americas often found safe harbor here. And in the 1800s, an influx of farmers from nearby Cuba launched the agricultural era of sugar cane and tobacco which still exists today.


An historic, galleried mansion houses the city’s Museo de Ambar Dominicano, dedicated to the Dominican Republic’s national stone – translucent amber. An ancient lighthouse, recently restored, harkens back to the days of massive Spanish galleons and tall ships arriving from the New World. Stroll along picturesque lanes and you’ll find charming galleries, gift shops and cafes tucked within Victorian mansions. Overlooked for decades, this lovely coastal city is fast becoming a destination of choice of vacationers throughout the world.

Transportation from the Airport to Puerto Plata

Lifestyle Holidays is dedicated to providing Members with V.I.P Transportation options to make their vacations easy-peasy, while providing the next level of luxury in the a Lifestyle Membership experience. Guests that book through ResorToLuxury and traveling through Puerto Plata will be provided ‘free’ transportation to and from the LHVC Resort. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to begin your luxurious vacation experience.


Punta Cana


If the Dominican Republic is know for it beautiful beaches, clear ocean waters and sunny blue skies, then Punta Cana is the culmination of all that is perfect about the island. Punta Cana is part of the newly created Punta Cana-Bavaro-Veron-Macao municipal district in La Altagracia,the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic.

Presidential Suites – Punta Cana is located in the town of Cortecito and set within the area of Punta Cana which is 13 miles or 21 kilometers from the airport, making it an easy and convenient destination.

The area is best known for its long stretches of white sandy beaches and turquoise Caribbean waters. This popular destination is bordered to the north by the village and beach of Cabaza de Toro and the Bavaro and El Cortecito beaches famous for their pristine beauty. Because of its beauty, Punta Cana-Bavaro has attracted a group of mega-resorts which provide an eclectic variety of architecture and interior design inspired by Spanish, Mexican and native Dominican cultures.


Areas bordering Punta Cana include Cap Cana to the south and the original tiny fishing-village of Cabo San Rafael. A 330 foot high cliff is located more to the south, near of Boca de Yuma town, a fishing village dated from the 16th century. Nearby, you can find the Ponce de Leon’s Fortress, in San Rafael del Yuma town.


  • La Romana International Airport (LRM)
  • Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ)
  • Las Américas (SDQ)
  • Samaná El Catey International Airport (AZS)
  • Gregorio Luperón International Airport (POP)
  • Cibao International Airport (Santiago International) (STI)

Estimated Driving Distance from the Airport to Punta Cana

La RomanaLRMLa Romana International Airport91 mi147 km
Punta Cana / HigüeyPUJPunta Cana International Airport13 mi21 km
Santo DomingoSDQLas Américas142 mi229 km
Samaná (Sánchez)AZSSamaná El Catey International Airport213 mi343 km
Puerto PlataPOPGregorio Luperón International Airport280 mi451 km
SantiagoSTICibao International Airport (Santiago International)245 mi394 km



Cancun, a place of diversity is located on the Caribbean Sea, and is one of the easternmost points in Mexico and just north of Mexico’s Caribbean coast resort band known as the Riviera Maya within the Yucatán Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

This historic land that once housed the Mayan Empire, is lush in tropical vegetation, resplendent in
ancient historic sites, modernized with luxurious resorts and gourmet cuisine and nestled along sandy beaches of Caribbean azure waters.

Explore the mystery and magic of spectacular Chichen Itza, the ancient capital and archaeological zone for the Mayan ruins. Swim in a magical cenote, a waterway specific to the area, before exploring the amazing Mexican landscapes to be found within Tulum or Xel-Ha aquarium and park.


Looking for more seafaring adventures? Feel the wind in your hair as you sail through sparkling turquoise water on a sleek trimaran (a sailboat with three hulls) to Isla Mujeres, the tropical island off the coast of Cancun that sits on the imaginary line between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Explore Isla Mujeres, and enjoy a relaxing day away from the Cancun hustle and bustle.

Take a day trip to Xcaret, an incredible eco-archeological park in the Riviera Maya. Spend the day in paradise as you relax, snorkel, enjoy nature and take part in family-friendly activities.

Whatever your fancy, Cancun is a place where you can find it. The diversity of the history with new and modern luxuries, as well as an abundant beauty and fair weather makes this a vacation paradise you need to experience to believe.

Getting from the Cancun Airport to Grand Oasis
Grand Oasis Cancun
Guests arriving at the Cancun International Airport will travel 20 minutes to The Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Cancun, located just outside of downtown Cancun.
Grand Oasis Palm
Guests arriving at the Cancun International Airport will travel 30 minutes to The Grand Lifestyle Grand Oasis Palm located near the heart of the Cancun’s hotel district.
Grand Oasis Tulum
Guests arriving at the Cancun International Airport will travel 60 minutes to The Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Tulum, located in the heart of the Riviera Maya district.